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Re: Suggestions for Partitioning of new Laptop

Hi Rhonda,

On 23/05/12 09:33, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  Is kFreeBSD fine with being stored in LVM?  My idea for using LVM here
> is to not have to do the partitioning in MBR but a layer higher, making
> it more flexible.

I wasn't sure so I just tried it...  it seems GNU/kFreeBSD's d-i doesn't
have the means to manage LVM.  But I read recently that it should at
least able to detect existing LVM volumes:


I tried creating an ext2-formatted LVM2 volume on an msdos primary
partition from Squeeze GNU/Linux, but d-i didn't see that either;  it
only listed the 'physical volume' msdos partition, as unused.

Maybe the metadata needs to be old LVM (not LVM2) for the FreeBSD kernel
to understand it?  Or perhaps partitioning must be different.

p.s. if you're going to be booting a GNU/kFreeBSD CD image, would you
mind please checking if the graphical installer is able to boot and get
as far as the main menu?  I don't have real hardware to test this on but
it seems broken with QEMU vga/cirrus (new xorg corrupts the display then
segfaults repeatedly).

Steven Chamberlain

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