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Re: Suggestions for Partitioning of new Laptop

2012/5/23 Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at>:
>  The rest of the disk I would want to stick into LVM, and use
> filesystems that I can resize, potentially also downsize.  I thought
> about using 20G for both Linux's and kFreeBSD's root parts, and another
> /srv/data partition for shared data.  From reading the FAQ in the wiki
> ext2 seems to be best choice here because ext3 write support isn't ready
> yet?

Or ZFS with zfs-fuse on Linux side. But then you have to be careful
about versioning (zfs-fuse is usually a newer ZFS version than
kFreeBSD can read).

>  Is kFreeBSD fine with being stored in LVM?

I've succesfully tested LVM+UFS in the past.  I didn't test LVM+ZFS,
but then again it'd defeat the purpose since functionality of ZFS and
LVM overlap.

> My idea for using LVM here
> is to not have to do the partitioning in MBR but a layer higher, making
> it more flexible.

I wouldn't recommend this, partitionless disks don't play well with GRUB.

Robert Millan

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