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Re: OpenJDK-7 on kFreeBSD (feedback)

On 16/05/12 06:18, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Changing kernels did not fix this problem in any way. What did make
> openjdk-7 compile was switching from stable's sbuild/schroot to
> wheezy's.


I notice that calling dpkg-buildpackage by hand without a -j option
results in the build system choosing to run two parallel jobs even
though DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is not defined.

Could this detection in openjdk-7's debian/rules come to a different
result depending which sbuild/chroot release was used?

> ifneq (,$(filter parallel=%,$(subst $(COMMA), ,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS))))
>   NJOBS = $(subst parallel=,,$(filter parallel=%,$(subst $(COMMA), ,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS))))
>   ...
> endif

The result can be seen in the build log as the --with-parallel-jobs
parameter to configure.  The kfreebsd-* buildd's ran two jobs.  If I run
with -j4 the build always fails due to some race waiting for a
dependency to be built.

Steven Chamberlain

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