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Re: Bug#672959: kfreebsd-*: panic: vm_fault_copy_wired

On 16/05/12 07:37, Robert Millan wrote:
> Erm sorry, disregard that.  I didn't notice that userland output isn't
> being included in your log.

Oooh I didn't realise that either, the serial console only shows the
kernel output.  I saw the nodev errors which are triggered from
mountkernfs.sh, but forgot that those messages were actually coming from
the kernel.

> Does this problem happen when botting in single mode? (second option
> in GRUB menu)

Yes it still happens in single user mode, on 8.3 or 9.0 kernels.  And in
fact, the filesystem doesn't have to be marked dirty -- I managed to
trigger this just by creating a /forcefsck file:

> Activating swap:.
> Will now check root file system:fsck from util-linux 2.20.1
> [/sbin/fsck.ufs (1) -- /] fsck.ufs -f -a /dev/ad0s1
> /dev/ad0s1: 15710 files, 260322 used, 682949 free (11855 frags, 83883 blocks, 1.3% fragmentation)
> .
> panic: vm_fault_copy_wired: page missing
> cpuid = 0
> KDB: stack backtrace:
> Uptime: 4s
> Cannot dump. Device not defined or unavailable.
> Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort
> --> Press a key on the console to reboot,
> --> or switch off the system now.

I tried setting kFreeBSD.init_path to a shell but as mentioned on the
FAQ that doesn't work:


Steven Chamberlain

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