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Re: OpenJDK-7 on kFreeBSD (feedback)

2012/5/12 Damien Raude-Morvan <drazzib@debian.org>:
>> My build system runs the 8.3-1-686 kernel and tends to follow wheezy.
>> The virtual machine has a total of 1.5GiB RAM, with vm.kmem_size set to
> My baremetal server runs 9.0-1-686 kernel and is clean wheezy (with sid
> schroot as already said).
> I would really like to understand why it's failing on buildd...

As buildds don't descend from interactive shells, they usually lack
the default system limits defined by pam_limits(8), and instead run
with the default kernel limits.

I'd try to spawn the build from a non-login shell (e.g. /etc/rc.local)
and see what happens.

Also it might be worth trying with a chroot hosted on kfreebsd 8.1.

Robert Millan

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