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Re: Please test zfsutils 9.0~svn226163-1

2011/10/21 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> That said, I am perfectly fine an appreciate if anyone wants to wrap a
> API compatible, GPL friendly wrapper around a license compatible crypto
> library. As far as I know, Guillem is pretty much done in doing so.

Just a sidenote: Upstream doesn't like GPL, but they generally value
GPL compatibility.  I think it's likely they would accept replacing
some code to archieve this in libmd.

> I noticed you committed my patch adding libmd-dev to the
> build-dependencies. This means the binary package can't be built right
> now, are you aware of this?


>> Unless someone objects I can set Dm-Upload-Allowed with next upload.
> I would need to be in Uploaders as well. :)
> Note, I don't feel comfortable in uploading a crucial component like
> zfsutils anyway. However I am happy to help occasionally. Moreover, I am
> in NM already, so I possibly become a Debian Developer in a foreseeable
> future too.
> Until then I am perfectly ok to send you updates or commit smaller
> changes to the repository.

Ok, so I'd only set Dm-Upload-Allowed.  At that point you can upload
and add yourself to Uploaders when you consider that suitable.

> On my machine it works just fine (zfs volinit that is) when using the
> Wheezy kernel and tools (although I see your point in #637086). However,
> using the newer zfsutils which do not have the volinit command anymore,
> I can't restore sub-volumes upon boot anymore, although "zfs list" still
> lists them. Additionally I do not have /dev/zvol anymore for some
> reasons I do not quite understand.
> This problem disappears as soon as I upgrade to the 9.0 kernel from
> experimental or keep zfsutils and kernel at 8.2

I suppose a "Breaks: zfsutils (<< 8.3~)" for newer kernels would handle this?

Robert Millan

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