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Re: Please test zfsutils 9.0~svn226163-1

Hi Arno,

Thanks a lot for your effort, this looks very nice.  I've split your
patch into each of its logical changes and committed separately (it's
always nice to have granular SVN history):

- Actual update to 8-STABLE (and all changes required by this update)
- Manpage fix, although I put it as a patch instead (since it's likely
that this can be merged upstream)
- Improvements to package descriptions

I left out some things (I don't necessarily disagree with them, but
they are separate issues anyway):

- udeb removal and static link of libumem et al (I have some concerns
with this, see below)
- debian/rules adjustments. The variable initialization I just copied
it from kfreebsd-10/debian/rules one (better if they're kept more in
- zfsutils.zfs.init runlevel change (I just have no idea what's the
right thing, go ahead with it if you know what you're doing, please
document your change ;-))

2011/10/19 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> For zfsutils itself there is no license problem. I don't know which
> dependencies need libmd besides of me, but I don't think we have any GPL
> code to link with it in our glibc-bsd codebase, do we?

I think Guillem's point is that providing GPL-incompatible facilities
to other users (i.e. outside of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD project) can lead
to trouble.  It's better to avoid that IMHO.

> Regardless of that issue /I/ can't upload anyway as I'm lacking upload
> permissions. If you, or anyone else wants to, just go ahead. :)

Unless someone objects I can set Dm-Upload-Allowed with next upload.

> Since you wrote a patch for grub which removes this dependency, I guess
> your plan is to remove all the libraries?

Yes.  I think that would be the best.

> However, there are
> some problems with the Wheezy 8.2 kernel.

These are to be expected.

> It does not seem to be an ABI
> incompatibility, but "zfs volinit" is not supported by the zfsutils
> anymore, while the 8.2 kernel still needs the API call. In kfreebsd-9.0
> (and 8.3 I presume) this call isn't needed anymore, hence zfsutils
> removed support for it.

What actual symptoms did you find?  zfsutils init on Wheezy currently
gives an error (before your update) but there was another reason for
this (it's related to #637086).

> * I removed the binary packages for libuutil0, libumem0 and libzpool0.
> Instead I'm embedding those libraries into the binaries. The code base
> in the source package is unchanged.

The problem I see with this is that if you link the libraries
statically into each binary, the overall size increases.  Binary size
is important in zfsutils because it affects D-I download time and
image size.

Could we keep shipping the shared objects (either in their own package
or in zfsutils itself) and only get rid of the static library and

> * I fixed hyphen-used-as-minus-sign by a Perl hack in debian/rules

I'll send that upstream.

> I made the rules targets cleaner

Please could you commit that?

Robert Millan

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