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Re: upcoming kfreebsd 9

2011/9/23 Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>:
> Even during RC series it should stay in experimental.

And with ABI number 0?

> But may be it is time to consider putting into experimental also
> freebsd-buildutils/freebsd-libs/freebsd-utils/kfreebsd-kernel-headers/...

I think there should be a clear plan wrt 8.x and 9.x before doing
that.  Using 9.x userland in Wheezy might rule out the possibility of
supporting 8.x kernels.

First of all, is it desireable to support two branches?  In Squeeze
they weren't, but I think it'd be interesting if they would.

If it is, which combinations are possible and which aren't?  Currently
I know that:

- 9.x kernel can be built with 8.x buildutils
- 9.x kernel can run with 8.x userland

But I don't know if the reverse are true.

Robert Millan

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