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Re: Xfce as default on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD?


Robert Millan wrote:
> I notice that Debian GNU/Hurd recently switched to Xfce as default desktop [1].
> I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to do the same on Debian
> GNU/kFreeBSD, given the sadly increasing tendency in GNOME towards
> unportability [2].

On the one hand I'd like to stay as close with Debian defaults where
possible, on the other hand, both, GNOME and KDE had quite some issues
during the last years on kfreebsd... (My stomach tells me, GNOME was
worse most of the time. :-)

Which is also the reason that Xfce is the default desktop for the
"debian" user on my kfreebsd running EeeBox which I often take to
events as demo computer for the Debian booth. I think since FOSDEM
2010 we always show off Xfce, if we have a kfreebsd box at the Debian
booth. I currently run KDM as login manager on kfreebsd, but tend to
switch back to good ol' XDM like I did on many Linux boxes before.

> In contrast, Xfce developers seem to care about portability and are
> vocal about it [3].

So let's give GNOME (and KDE) a good dressing down and make Xfce the
default on kFreeBSD, too. (And I wouldn't mind making it the Debian
default also on Linux for the very same reason. :-)

I'd also appreciate if the press team would make a proper announcement
after we did the change. Was there an announcement for the GNU/Hurd
default desktop change? Or was it included in the "GNU/Hurd wants to
become part of a stable release, too" announcement?

		Regards, Axel
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