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d-i fails to create a file system (squeeze kfreebsd amd64)


I'm trying to install the latest debian on my DELL Latitude E4300.
The version I'm trying to use is: debian-6.0.0-kfreebsd-amd64 using the DVD #1, but I had the same problem booting from the network (PXE).

Everything works well until I try to partition the hard drive. I get a red screen with:
    Failed to create a file system.
    The ufs file system creation in partition #6 of ATA5 (ada4) failed.

The disk is detected as:
    ATA5 (ad5) - 250.1 GB ST9250410ASG/004SDM1

Switching to console #4 provides me the following information:

    update-dev: warning: unable to find udevadm; skipping
    partmam: mkfs.ufs: Cannot retrieve operator gid, using gid 0.
    partman: mkfs.ufs: /dev/ad4s6: could not find special device

The problem is the same whether I use manual or guided partitioning.

Thanks for any answers.

Erwan Martin / ZeWaren.

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