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Re: GNU/kOpenBSD?

2011/2/13 folkert <folkert@vanheusden.com>:
> Hi,
> Has anyone considered GNU/kOpenBSD already?
> Because OpenBSD has the extra plus for being very much secure and such.
> Maybe an option can be added to the instller: install freebsd or openbsd
> kernel?

I'd like to add one thing to what Guillem said.  OpenBSD
is known for being secure (this is not just a kernel feature
as Guillem explained), but it has also contributed a number
of great ideas and projects to the free software community.

More often than not, these find their way to other systems
and in particular Debian GNU/kFreeBSD features the following
improvements of clear OpenBSD heritage:

- Packet Filter
- OpenSSH
- a free nve driver (OpenBSD project rewrote this driver which
  was previously a blob in FreeBSD)

Robert Millan

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