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puppet problem on the kFreeBSD ports

With my DSA hat on I have to say that I'm not entirely happy with what
we have so far.

The biggest pain for us currently is that puppet just does not work
reliably on kfreebsd (both i386 and amd64).  This may be a ruby bug, but
it's still really, really annoying.

Which version of ruby are you using? Is it >= ?

Whatever is in testing, so ruby1.8 is at

Would be possible to provide recipe to trigger it. I expect
that current puppet (2.6.0-2) and ruby1.8 ( does not help.

I already looked into ruby sources in the past,
1st attempt would be to build ruby 1.8 without pthread support to see whether it helps.

Please could you provide steps for non-DD to reproduce this problem ?



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