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Re: Plans for libvolume-id?

Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz> (01/07/2009):
> From #437162 (udev package):
> PS> IMHO, there are effectively only two options
> PS> - build libvolume-id from udev source package on non-linux PS> 
> architectures
> PS> - separate libvolume-id into libvolume-id source package on linux  
> PS> architectures
> PS> Which one do you prefer ?
> MD> I still do not care enough.

Heh, I didn't even think there was a bug open against udev, but that was
to be expected. :D

> It looks like the new hal 0.5.12 does not use it
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/hal/log

Oh, nice. Should help. I guess I can continue tweaking using
libvolume-id and try and get the rest in shape.


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