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Re: Glibc-based Debian GNU/KNetBSD

Nathan Hawkins <utsl@quic.net> writes:
>> Although it is still not as stable as we'd like, the benchmarks of the
>> native threads on NetBSD are pretty damn impressive. I'd say that not
>> using the native threads would be a tremendous waste...
> For my part, I'm of the opinion that threads support based on the native
> thread libraries is the way to go. I say based on, because it's unlikely
> that the native threads libraries will work with glibc without at least
> some porting. However, I do believe it would certainly be better to go
> that route than to use the linuxthreads port.

IMHO, the amount of work involved in making glibc stably work with
scheduler activations is likely prohibitive. You'll be chasing
problems in the library forever.


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