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Status FreeBSD libc5?

I was just wondering what the status of the debian-bsd stuff in general.  
I have looked back a few months in the mailing list archives and I didn't 
really get a feel for what the current direction is.  I noticed some 
postings earlier this month about NetBSD and glibc.  They also referenced 
FreeBSD and glibc.  I however could not actually look at the web paged 
linked to (I assume because of the compromised servers?).  I looked at the 
project page on Sourceforge but there wasn't much info there.  (I'm not 
being critical here, just an observation, heaven knows I have plenty of 
projects on Sourceforge that I never have time to update. ;-) 
I also looked at the /ports/netbsd and /ports/freebsd pages on the debian 
web site.  I am particularly interested in FreeBSD as I have run my 
internet radio station on it for a year and it runs very well.  However, 
it is a remote machine and trying to keep up with patches is kind of a 
bummer.  I tried tracking -stable but it is still work to make world and 
all of that.  So I have just switched to Debian (Linux) to see if that is 
as stable, easier to maintain, and keep up with security.  But I would 
really like to use FreeBSD and I think perhaps the Debian-FreeBSD might be 
the ticket. 
So I guess my question is, is the Debian-FreeBSD-libc5 port stalled?  Is 
there anything I could to do help?  I have a lot of programming 
experience, but I don't know how much I know about this particular area.  

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