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Re: *BSD and GNU/*BSD nomenclature

Robert Millan wrote:
On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 06:03:06PM +0100, ${john}$ wrote:
Just in case anybody cares that perhaps a name should describe and distinguish, rather than keep RMS happy (god help a world where that was the #1 priority).

what worries me here is that "GNU/" is added without fully understanding
what it means, just to keep RMS happy.

Well I'm suggesting it be added as a sensible way to distinguish, not to appease anyone. The difference between it and vanilla NetBSD is that a substantial chunk of the system is GNU software, and that's all the "GNU/" would mean as far as I'm concerned.

Now *Linux* was a case where it was added just to keep RMS happy.

(Personally, I'd have told him where to stick it. Laughable hypocrisy -- this guy calls the BSD advertising clause obnoxious, then harangues everyone to credit the GNU project not merely in the software, but the name of their product!)

John Ineson

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