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Re: freebsd-i386 status update

* Nathan Hawkins 

| Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > * Nathan Hawkins | Hmm. fdisk in util-linux probably isn't
| > usable. It won't build, and I
| > | doubt it can reasonably be made to. Also, I'm not even sure it can
| > | create FreeBSD slices and partitions correctly on Linux. I can build
| > | FreeBSD fdisk and disklabel, but they're really not well suited to
| > | installers. (FreeBSD doesn't use them.)
| > It was meant as an example on how to make an udeb, not particularly
| > util-linux.
| Ok. What's the preferred partitioning tool for debian-installer,
| anyway?

Whatever you feel like, really.. so far we have an autopartitioner and
fdisk support.  It is modular so if you want to plug in vinum or
something, it should be fairly easy.

| I'd been thinking in terms of working on parted at some point. IIRC,
| it already has the needed partition support, and someone started,
| but didn't finish UFS support.

that is obviously needed, but well started is halfway done.

| Note that this needn't stop netbsd, and a lot of their issues will be
| about the same. OpenBSD issues are probably similar, or perhaps
| weirder.

ok, sure.

| > Progenies, any idea if/when we can have discover which work on
| > *BSD as well?  Any idea how much work it will be?  Is it doable at
| > all?
| It might be easier in 2.0, if I remember the talk from debconf 2 correctly.

According to Branden, this should work Just Fine.

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