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Re: freebsd-i386 status update

* Nathan Hawkins 

| Hmm. fdisk in util-linux probably isn't usable. It won't build, and I
| doubt it can reasonably be made to. Also, I'm not even sure it can
| create FreeBSD slices and partitions correctly on Linux. I can build
| FreeBSD fdisk and disklabel, but they're really not well suited to
| installers. (FreeBSD doesn't use them.)

It was meant as an example on how to make an udeb, not particularly

| At the moment, installation has to wait. I'm nearly starting over by
| going to glibc. (And the unstable and incomplete state of glibc
| doesn't help. Right now, I can't even make a package of it.) I have
| problems with gcc and binutils also, so getting those issues fixed are
| a higher priority right now.


| That said, I browsed through the CVS tree, and I do have a few comments:
| * Busybox is going to be a lot of work to port to *BSD. Quite possibly
| one of the hardest packages I've seen. 8-(

argh, that's bad. :(  Erik, we need busybox for *BSD, how hard do you
think it will be?

| * Anything to do with device detection and network configuration will
| probably be different. At the least, device names will likely be
| different. Ethernet interfaces won't all begin with eth.
| * Almost anything that looks at /proc won't work. It would be a good
| idea to avoid that in code that is intended to be common to all archs.

Progenies, any idea if/when we can have discover which work on *BSD as
well?  Any idea how much work it will be?  Is it doable at all?

Sure, currently the whole tree is too Linux/i386 centric, but I want
to get away from that as soon as possible.

| * I would suggest processing the lists of udeb's in build/pkg-lists
| with cpp or m4. That would allow you to use #include or whatever m4
| calls it. That way, the list of udeb's for linux archs could use
| #include linux-common, while BSD ports could do something else. Also
| would take care of comments, and allow use of macros for things like
| kernel flavours.

Kernel flavours are already fixed, through a sed line, but we might
want to go with cpp/m4.  That is simple to change.

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