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Re: freebsd-i386 status update

* Nathan Hawkins 

| Actually, bsdutils, mount and util-linux are built from the same
| source. I've already worked on this, and got the pieces I needed
| working on BSD libc, so I'll probably pick that up again later on.

Having a fdisk-udeb package would be nice for the installer, so ifwhen
you have the time.  Look at bug 156648 for more information (and the
debian-installer module in debian-boot cvs).  I'd like to get
debian-installer working on *BSD as early as possible, so we can weed
out any Linux-centrisism.

| This is really to do with the fact that Debian is going to have to
| change its essential package list at some point. At present, there are
| too many things that assume Linux.

We already do that for the Hurd and the various arches, I doubt *BSD
will be much different.  (libc6 is libc6.1 on alpha and ia64, iirc.)
please submit wishlist patches against debootstrap.

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