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Re: Multiple topics

* Joel Baker (lucifer@lightbearer.com) [020409 03:11]:
> 2) pmake (aka /usr/src/usr.bin/make) - the source tree for this on the
> various BSD flavors differ significantly, but all appear to share some
> basic level of functionality. How similar are they? I'm looking at taking
> over the pmake package, and wondering whether stealing just one would
> suffice, or whether I need to do pmake-netbsd, pmake-freebsd, pmake-openbsd

when i tried to get netbsds binutils to build on openbsd i could
not because of make. openbsd make  misses one funktion which
netbsd's has and is used a good deal in netbsd's tree.

If you want to know what function that was, i could dig it up. on
the other hand you might just want to know that openbsd's make is
a subset, only.

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