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re: Multiple topics

   > 	http://www.crufty.net/help/sjg/bmake.html
   > for details.  it's going to have more-netbsd changes than freebsd
   > or openbsd but i know simon has also worked at getting them as close
   > as possible (there are some inconsistency extensions, :U and :L
   > mean different things as variable modifiers, etc..)
   As far as I can tell from various comments (which MAY be wrong), NetBSD's
   pmake is, in fact, now bmake. But then, it doesn't actually have any sort
   of autoconf in it, so maybe it's not...
   I definitely could try to see if bmake will work as a package separate from
   pmake, but until I can find a useable source from something recent (what
   DID happen to quick.com.au, it appears utterly gone?) - well, I can't.

hmm, the site above has a tarball (but unversioned), also, i see that


has a stuff with versions even :)
   Things like :U and :L are the main reason I was considering having it done
   as separate packages providing alternatives.


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