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Re: Multiple topics

>1) FreeBSD 5.0 pre-release... does anyone know if it's GCC 3.x clean?

How clean do you mean? The standard compiler in -CURRENT is a gcc 3.1

>2) pmake (aka /usr/src/usr.bin/make) - the source tree for this on the
>various BSD flavors differ significantly, but all appear to share some
>basic level of functionality. How similar are they? I'm looking at taking
>over the pmake package, and wondering whether stealing just one would
>suffice, or whether I need to do pmake-netbsd, pmake-freebsd, pmake-openbsd
>(heck, maybe pmake-bsd44 for the origional BSD 4.4 version?) and allow
>folks to use /etc/alternatives to select what 'pmake' actually calls.

Well, there's a residual desire that the makes should be compatible, but
various changes over the years haven't been co-ordinated. In 1996 FreeBSD
and NetBSD had the same make, for example, and more recently (well, last
summer) the OpenPackages crowd were trying to produce a merged version
which ended up mostly following the OpenBSD (heavily refactored) version.
The NetBSD make seems to be the most consistently maintained one. The
whole situation is rather crap.


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