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Multiple topics

Two main things:

1) FreeBSD 5.0 pre-release... does anyone know if it's GCC 3.x clean? If
so, I might futz with trying to do up a chroot based on that, at some point
here... unless someone else desperately wants to do it or something.

2) pmake (aka /usr/src/usr.bin/make) - the source tree for this on the
various BSD flavors differ significantly, but all appear to share some
basic level of functionality. How similar are they? I'm looking at taking
over the pmake package, and wondering whether stealing just one would
suffice, or whether I need to do pmake-netbsd, pmake-freebsd, pmake-openbsd
(heck, maybe pmake-bsd44 for the origional BSD 4.4 version?) and allow
folks to use /etc/alternatives to select what 'pmake' actually calls.
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