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Re: dupload to archive

"Joel Baker" <lucifer@lightbearer.com> writes:

[ls-lR.gz and md5sums.gz]

> Probably - but debarchiver doesn't have hooks for calling other scripts when
> it's done, either. I suppose I could try to hack something into the cronfile

Oh, that's not very good. Probably worth a wishlist bug.

> itself. Just... ugly. And I have no idea what the 'indices' directory is...
> or which directories get the ls-lR.gz (presumably you don't bother to repeat
> it...)

I *think* you just need to do

ls -lR . | gzip > ls-lR.gz
find . -type f -printf '%P\n' | xargs md5sum | gzip > indices/md5sums.gz 

Pass an argument to gzip for more or less compression/CPU usage. Run
that once the debarchiver cron script's run.

> Uhm. Except the 'supported by dupload' criteria, which I guess is only a
> convenience - but if I were going to hack on dupload, I'd probably just set
> up an area where folks could upload via HTTP, which is far better supported.

I thought dput was meant to have superseded dupload? Having said that,
I still use dupload...

Or, given this is only a temporary archive until we get space on
ftp-master, just require people to either drive sftp by hand or hack
up a script to do it?
> Granted. I don't object to mirrors in principle, just... I'd like some help
> in the practical setup for this, since I'm not the main beneficiary.

Well, I think I've given you the "code" you need now :)


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