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Re: "Why Debian NetBSD"

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 02:35:04AM +0000, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> I've added a webpage (http://debian-bsd.sourceforge.net/why.html) with
> some reasons why I think this project is worthwhile. Does anyone have any
> objection to any of the reasons listed or have any suggestions for extra
> ones that can be added?
> On a related note, I've been wondering about the GNUishness of this. In
> contrast to GNU/Linux, we're quite conspicuously not using the GNU C
> library, and a few other bits and pieces that would be GNU on a Linux
> system are BSD on ours. 

Mostly related to low-level/kernel/libc stuff, as I understand it...

> 1) The rest of the fundamental userland is still GNU. Is this enough to
> warrant calling it GNU/NetBSD?

I say "yes".

> 2) Were we to call it GNU/NetBSD, would this be likely to be perceived as
> insulting by the NetBSD community? On the one hand it might sound like a
> grab by the GPL movement, but on the other hand it does clearly
> acknowledge the NetBSD contribution and differentiates it further from
> "true" NetBSD

Oh, it probably will. But then, *not* calling it GNU will make RMS scream
bloody murder, and calling it "Frink" will just confuse *everyone*. I say
ignore who's insulted, since it will always be *someone*, and go with what
actually describes it. If it's mainly a GNU userland, that means GNU.

> 3) Were we to fail to call it GNU/NetBSD, would we stand any chance
> whatsoever of getting it into Debian proper?

Probably not, so long as it has a mainly GNU userland. They have a much
stronger stake in it, since certain people screaming can have significant

> My personal preference would probably be for GNU/NetBSD, but at the same
> time I have no desire whatsoever for us to end up alienated from the
> NetBSD people who have provided such useful advice so far. Comments?

It is NetBSD under the hood, and GNU over it. If folks can't handle this
fact, they're not going to start just because we drop GNU from the name.
Having a name that *doesn't* reflect what it is just begs for trouble of
all kinds, later.
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