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Re: hmm...

On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 04:41:05PM -0400, Richard Tibbetts wrote:
> For what its worth, debian doesn't seem to really use /opt. At least
> not for debian packages, which tend to put their stuff right in /usr.

I do like the idea of following the freebsd (i think net and open bsd may do
this too) convention of putting everything that's not part of base in
/usr/local/whatever - debian tends to put stuff in /usr for the most part -
most of the debian systems i've worked on have barely anything in /usr/local

i suppose this confused me at first (having so much stuff in
/usr/local/whatever) but it makes it easier to tell what stuff you've added,
and it's easier to upgrade the base system via cvsup.

it is annoying tho when you have something that's installed locally but is
also part of the base system (ie bind, ssh or whatever) as it's pretty hard
(afaik) to remove a package that's part of the base system in bsd.


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