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Re: hmm...

> I do like the idea of following the freebsd (i think net and open bsd
> may do this too) convention of putting everything that's not part of
> base in /usr/local/whatever - debian tends to put stuff in /usr for
> the most part - most of the debian systems i've worked on have barely
> anything in /usr/local

In Debian, /usr/local is reserved for things not covered by the Debian
packaging system. E.g. I have a Debian system running dhcpd 3.0rc10,
which is not available as a Debian package, so I deinstalled the Debian
dhcpd and put my own in /usr/local.

> i suppose this confused me at first (having so much stuff in
> /usr/local/whatever) but it makes it easier to tell what stuff you've
> added, and it's easier to upgrade the base system via cvsup.

This is, of course, not necessary once you use the Debian packaging

> it is annoying tho when you have something that's installed locally
> but is also part of the base system (ie bind, ssh or whatever) as
> it's pretty hard (afaik) to remove a package that's part of the base
> system in bsd.

That's one of the main motivations for this project... everything is a
package in Debian. Well, almost everything.

- Michael

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