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Re: Development servers.

I will be setting up a box running FreeBSD, hopefully by the end of this week.

Quic.net, the ISP which will be hosting for the box, will probably want me to restrict shell accounts to Debian developers. Hopefully this won't be a problem. ---Nathan Ian Miller writes:
hello all.
In the next few weeks or so I will have 1 NetBSD box up for public (auth
only, for people who are list contributers.) development.
We have registered debian-bsd.org which will be mainly a 'about' site seeing
as we now have sourceforge for etc.. And will be up in a week or 2 aswell.
I'm sure that ANY development servers would be appreciated, so if u have
something lying around, and on a desent link.. your more than welcome to
join the gang :) Anything else others can think of the get this thing on a roll?


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