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Re: Development servers.

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 09:18:38PM +1000, Ian Miller wrote:
> We have registered debian-bsd.org which will be mainly a 'about' site seeing
> as we now have sourceforge for etc.. And will be up in a week or 2 aswell.

My boss is actually the one squatting debianbsd.org (mostly so that
someone else didn't squat it). Both www's should obviously point to
the same place. I personally like debianbsd.org better than
debian-bsd.org, but I suppose its not that big a deal. We can probably
run DNS for the project, or transfer the domain if people prefer the
non-hyphenated url.

On a related note, I have boatloads of net-access at MIT, but only
crufty hardware. I am going to see if I can scam a decent machine for
the project out of work, but as of now the only things I have
available are pentium class machines with ~1gig disks. If anyone in
Boston has a machine they would like to see used for the project, but
doens't have a net they want to put it on, I can probably hook you up.
I don't mind dealing with installing/maintaining the machine even.


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