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Re: dpkg port

I've stuck a tarball of a skeleton Debian NetBSD system at
ftp://cavan.jesus.cam.ac.uk/pub/debian-netbsd for anyone who wants to to
play with. You should be able to untar it and then chroot. It's compiled
under NetBSD 1.5 - currently most of the libraries included are just
copied over rather than packaged and it's missing the more problematic
packages as outlined earlier, but it seems to basically work. Once we've
got a gcc package it ought to be possible to do package development under
it, which may well simplify things a bit. If anyone wants them I can stick
the Debs I built this from in the same place. Unfortunately the network
usage rules here mean that I can't give anyone else an account on my
NetBSD machine :(

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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