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Re: dpkg port

I've now got ncurses, slang and sundry other minor packages built. There's
a new tarball at
ftp://cavan.jesus.cam.ac.uk/pub/debian-netbsd/debian-netbsd.tar.gz and all
the debs are in ftp://cavan.jesus.cam.ac.uk/pub/debian-netbsd/debs/ -
please do play with them. What would probably be useful at this point are
gcc and libc/libc-dev packages so that we can actually do development
within the Debian environment rather than under a NetBSD userspace. 

Several packages required minor alterations to makefiles or source. Is the
right way to do this to define some variable under debian-netbsd builds
and check whether this is defined inside the scripts/preprocessor, or is
there a cleaner way of doing it inside the Debian packaging system?

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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