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dpkg port


The dpkg port without the --print-libgcc-file-name problem takes longer
than expected. Anyway, dpkg partially works, you can download it from
http://debian-bsd.sourceforge.net/ (I registered a sf.net project, just
to be sure. If somebody else wants an account there to put his files,
just email me, and I will add you, or add yourself, but I don't know
whether that's possible). You can also find there the very first Debian
package I was able to create - although I had to use dpkg-buildpackage
-d. Install dpkg from source, and debhelper and devscripts and several
other packages (warning: most of them don't have a make install routine,
so you have to copy manually!). 

dpkg is currently very buggy. I had problems building packages because
while building such a package, it often deletes files in the debian
subdirectory of the package!! I couldn't find any solution yet, some
dh_* scripts don't seem to work, either, I don't know. And yes, when you
try to build something, install GNU make as /usr/bin/make and copy the
BSD make to /usr/bin/bsdmake. The BSD will be needed for all the BSD
specific stuff (e.g. libc, which I'm currently building; is it correct
that the libc that comes with NetBSD has the version number 12.62.1? The
file shlib_version said, but I wasn't sure (seems quite high for me)).

Andreas Krennmair
# shutdown -h now
That must be tomorrow
Can't you wait till then?
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