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Debian GNU/BSD Project Goals

We haven't yet come up with wording for the announcement of the 
goals of the Debian GNU/BSD Project, including the provision that 
the Project has no plans to relicense BSD sources.

Somebody volunteered to be project coordinator, who was it?

As well as I understand it, the following goals are more or less settled:

  Kernel is NetBSD.
  Native file system is UFS; others later "if somebody does the work".
  Boot loader is BSD's, initially; maybe Grub later "if ...".
  Libc is NetBSD's unless/until somebody ports GNU libc; then maybe both.
  Kernel-related utilities (ifconfig mount etc.) are from NetBSD.
  File system layout is Debian/FHS.
  Installer is custom.
  Remaining packages are from the Debian source archives, patched as needed.


Nathan Myers
ncm at cantrip dot org

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