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Re: libc strategy

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 11:24:54PM -0500, GT wrote:
> Since most NetBSD kernels do not in fact support Linux binary
> emulation, this would definately be an interim solution at best.

Ah, but it would get this project off that pointy fencepost it
has been sitting on for so long and even a cheesy solution
would go a long way in validating the need for Debian/BSD.

> However, it might be useful for getting a system up and running on
> the i386 architecture to start.  Once we have that, we can work on
> converting the packages to native BSD format.  Once things work
> natively, they should hopefully slide over to other NetBSD kernels
> fairly easily.

Exactly my point.  It's called a proof-of-concept, no matter
how cheesy or inept it shows progress.  And where there's
progress and interest there's usually more help.


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