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Re: libc strategy

Quoting Steve Price <steve@havk.org>:

> Urk, I wasn't aware that 'pkg_add -r' was a FreeBSDism.  It's
> been awhile since my NetBSD box has seen action after a lightning
> storm took out the HD that I can't afford (right now) to replace.
> Since you obviously have a NetBSD box and I don't, how about posting
> instructions that do work for NetBSD instead of just pointing out
> nits in mine?

I would, except it's also a SPARCstation, and netbsd-sparc doesn't do
Linux binary emulation yet.  I'm going to set up an Intel box with
NetBSD tomorrow, and I'll see what I need to do to get it running

Since most NetBSD kernels do not in fact support Linux binary
emulation, this would definately be an interim solution at best.
However, it might be useful for getting a system up and running on
the i386 architecture to start.  Once we have that, we can work on
converting the packages to native BSD format.  Once things work
natively, they should hopefully slide over to other NetBSD kernels
fairly easily.

To summarize, I think we'd be best off doing this in three phases:

[1] Build a Debian/BSD base system that includes Linux emulation in
    the base install tgz.  This is cheesy, but if it works, so what?
[2] Start weening Debian/BSD from Linux emulation until we can
    actually spawn Linux emulation off into an optional package.
    (Note: packages built for Debian/BSD that require the emulation
    will need to depend on this package.  Therefore, the package
    should exist from the start, even if it's an empty package for
    a while [while the emulation is part of the base system].)
[3] Once all required/important/standard packages no longer depend
    on Linux emulation, start porting to other NetBSD kernels (like
    sparc, for instance).

Before long, we'll have Debian running on everything NetBSD runs on.
And that's quite a lot...

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journey that no one else can take for us or spare us." - Marcel Proust

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