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Re: OK, so how wants to (and can) work on OpenBSD?

In Sat, 10 Feb 2001 01:38:53 +0100 Andreas cum veritate scripsit :

> I understand that most people here are more interested in
> FreeBSD. It would be contraproductiv to keep them on working on
> somthing they do not want.
> Who wants to work on OpenBSD?

I am still at the basic step of looking at how to play with *BSD.
I went to a local BUG personto find out, but I didn't get much of an 
advancement in terms of how to play with BSD.

# I did get a lot of wine

I need some BSD system. USB MIDI support in Linux is (almost) nonexistent, 
and I have heard that BSD is more advanced in this respect.

And the last time I looked, 
NetBSD kernel was the only thing with source which boots on a Dreamcast...


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