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RE: OK, so how wants to (and can) work on OpenBSD?

I personally would prefer OpenBSD to FreeBSD, and when time 
becomes available to me, I would be willing to contribute.  
However that would not be for at least 2 months, maybe as many 
as 4 months.

My main interest is a highly secure and portable system.  I like 
the secure by default nature of OpenBSD, and its highly portable 
NetBSD origin, but I dislike its packaging system.  Ports are ok 
for installing things, but terrible for keeping the system up to 
date (IMHO).

I would be willing to contribute to a Debianized FreeBSD, but 
would definitely be more interested in a Debianized OpenBSD.

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Subject: OK, so how wants to (and can) work on OpenBSD?

I understand that most people here are more interested in
FreeBSD. It would be contraproductiv to keep them on working on
somthing they do not want.

Who wants to work on OpenBSD?

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