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Re: assimilating OpenBSD

I'm no kernel or BSD specialist... actually my experiences with BSD are
pretty thin.

> Now on the same note...  BSD has a great packaging and porting system,
> arguably as good if not better than debians.  I like the idea of using
> debians packaging system to try cleanly organize and merge the porting of
> code effort between the two systems.

My experience mit FreeBSD's ports system is by far not as good as with
debian's packages; although it may be quite well to.
But what i like about debian is the standards.
With FreeBSD i'm looking for the config files all the time...
i prefer having all config files in /etc so i do not have to "locate" them
or look in /usr/local/etc as well etc.

Furthermore i work sometimes on a FreeBSD machine in university; i think the
admin's do their job well and know a lot about FreeBSD, but some apps just
do not work for unknown reasons. This starts with Gnome unable to set a jpeg
as background, png work. Something i experienced not even in debian
unstable... At least not for more than 1 day...

> I guess I must say that my main interest is having a distribution that would
> be Linux-Like with a BSD core.  (Is that silly?)  It's all about
> consistancy.

That's what i'd like to, i'd also like a path compatibility and
package-names-compatibility, so that for any non-kernel-specific questions i
do not have to care wheter the user has BSD or Linux.

> Should we look at even a more heavily striped down version such as the
> Darwin kernel?  (Though I don't know what we will do for drivers, etc..
> probably not a good idea).

Preferably, i'd like to have it as kernel-independent as possible. It would
be great if you could choose between freeBSD, openBSD, Darwin kernels.

> Anyway, all these are points of discussion but I would like to see these
> decisions made sooner rather than later as I am anxious to use apt-get with
> my BSD based system with my linux like environment.  (Ok, thats my idea of
> how it would be..  open for comments!) :)

And i'd want the packages to have the same name etc. so that i could even
share the config files when i need to.


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