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RE: assimilating OpenBSD

Ok ok ....  rather than loose you as a key person in this endaver I would
say lets go with OpenBSD to start with.  I believe if time goes on and goes
the way I imagine it wouldn't be much work to move it to any of the BSD
ports if we choose.

No point right now in forking as your the only person that seems to have

Based on your milestones and goals I am going to try and  organize it to a

I am going to register the site debian-bsd.smorland.com and install a copy
of OpenBSD onto that machine.  It will be sitting behind a firewall, but you
can talk to me on getting access to it.

As far as the immediate milestones of this projects I propose the following:

1.  Create a portable 'port' (does that make sense) of the core debian
packaging tools.  To keep the system independance of these tools I would
suggest looking how Irix handles a similar issue with Irix.  All the
freeware distribution tools are kept in /usr/freeware/*  (including the etc
and var directories).  Moving something along the same path will keep thing
all in order maybe keep all our work into the /usr/debian directory as
appropriate.  This way it doesn't and won't conflict with existing
distributions and allows the core system to continue to be updated and
managed as the user chooses.  (For example, maybe the user wants to let the
OS manage the XFree86 installation but have all the KDE packages and Gnome
managed via the APT utils...)

2.  Start to package the common gnu tools (the porting has already been done
fortunately) into debian and see what works.  For example, Vim, Emacs, wget,
lynx, dmake, tar, gzip, bzip , etc etc.

It's not hard to make the installation scripts handle the modifications to
the base shells and paths of the system.  For example, we will have to
create an addition to base manpath, LIBS, and PATH settings.

Even if we give very simple instructions on how to do it on the various os's
it shouldn't scare anyone off.

Upon completing these two main milestones we should have a cross-platform
packaging system that should work on any of the bsd's.  Once we have the few
core basic debian packages moved over it should be quite simple to start
recruiting more people to help in the packaging efforts.

Any comments?

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> > > be much easier to create an OpenBSD branch as well. Does anybody
> > > else share
> > > this opinion?
> > >
> >
> > I do I do! :)
> I do not.
> In fact I will not try to interfere with you and your FreeBSD
> endaver. Perhaps we can share code. But this course of action is
> not interesting for me.

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