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Re: assimilating OpenBSD

* Mark Berry (mark@shareaphoto.com) [010207 15:32]:
> > I don't know if it's silly, but that's my vision as well. Not exactly
> > Linux-like, I'd say Debian-like. I just love the manageability
> > APT + Debian
> > Policy give me. If that functionality was available to BSD I
> > would probably
> > have switched by now.
> Yeah, I think we are thinking on the same track right now.

I do not think so, I want security, not fetures. To have both would be
> > In the same sequence of thoughts, I think FreeBSD is a better
> > start. It has
> > more hardware support and is somewhat more popular so we'll get more
> > testers for the distribution. Once we get a stable working system, it will
> > be much easier to create an OpenBSD branch as well. Does anybody
> > else share
> > this opinion?
> >
> I do I do! :)

I do not. 

In fact I will not try to interfere with you and your FreeBSD
endaver. Perhaps we can share code. But this course of action is
not interesting for me.

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