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Re: My ideas

On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 11:58:10PM +0400, Wartan Hachaturow wrote:
> On 21-Oct-2000 Dan Papasian wrote:
> > Secondly, it's strength is mainly in its userland, which shares
> > much in common with Net and Free when it comes to security.  Dump
> > the userland to replace it with Debians, and you've thrown
> > all that away.

	Somebody asked me about Linux vs BSD re sysadmin security,
	and my thinking was (and is) that I'd rather have a security
	wizard+Linux than a slouch using OpenBSD.  Dan, can you
	speak to any advantage the Open has over FreeBSD?

> In fact, I meant replacing userland also -- but then we would get OpenBSD
> instead of Debian ;-) Forget it, just a crazy idea.

	Yes.  I'd like the strengths of a FreeBSD kernel with a 
	GNU/Debian userland.  I have no ``religious'' thoughts 
	here; but IMHO, the GNU stuff is simply better done 
	on whole.  ...As people know, of course, a significant
	part of both Linux and BSD  *is* BSD.  :-)


   Gary D. Kline         kline@tao.thought.org          Public service Unix

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