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Re: My ideas

On 21-Oct-2000 Dan Papasian wrote:

> Secondly, it's strength is mainly in its userland, which shares
> much in common with Net and Free when it comes to security.  Dump
> the userland to replace it with Debians, and you've thrown
> all that away.

In fact, I meant replacing userland also -- but then we would get OpenBSD
instead of Debian ;-) Forget it, just a crazy idea.

Anyway, it would be much easier in case of any special needs, to
replace the BSDs as a kernel, once the port will be done.

> certain computational tasks.  To say that one is "better" than
> the other is crazy.

Oh, sorry. By "improved" I meant the amount of hardware supported,
i.e. the drivers. For sure, I won't judge the kernel itself - they
are all based on one 4.4 code, anyway :))

> regarding technical superiority, but between NetBSD and FreeBSD
> kernels it becomes very close..

Sure, my mistake.

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Date: 21-Oct-2000
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