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Re: debian-installer missing Standards-Version


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> (2022-03-23):
> I have noticed that several udebs such as partman-ext3 are missing the
> Standards-Version in their debian/control [1] files.
> Does anyone know whether this is by design or is this an oversight?
> I'm asking because lintian is complaining about that when building the
> package.

This is #991533. Given the lengthy thread it turned into, I gave up.

> Also, many of these packages are still stuck with debian/compat
> version 9. Do we want to upgrade the version to something more recent?

Maybe. I think I'd like people who would like to look into that to:
 (1) be cautious, there might be udeb-related regressions or behavorial
     changes that might not have been caught earlier;
 (2) maybe plan upgrading all packages, possibly not at once, but over a
     small-ish time window, so that we don't stay too long with packages
     with old and new compat levels, especially if it's not just about
     bumping the compat level.

> And do we want to switch to the debhelper-compat module?

No idea at the moment, I'd have to read up some more about that part. If
that's the recommended way (according to debhelper developers) and if
that's what people expect these days, sure.

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