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Re: debian-installer missing Standards-Version

Hi Cyril!

On 3/23/22 11:03, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi,
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> (2022-03-23):
>> I have noticed that several udebs such as partman-ext3 are missing the
>> Standards-Version in their debian/control [1] files.
>> Does anyone know whether this is by design or is this an oversight?
>> I'm asking because lintian is complaining about that when building the
>> package.
> This is #991533. Given the lengthy thread it turned into, I gave up.

Thanks. That answers my question.

>> Also, many of these packages are still stuck with debian/compat
>> version 9. Do we want to upgrade the version to something more recent?
> Maybe. I think I'd like people who would like to look into that to:
>  (1) be cautious, there might be udeb-related regressions or behavorial
>      changes that might not have been caught earlier;
>  (2) maybe plan upgrading all packages, possibly not at once, but over a
>      small-ish time window, so that we don't stay too long with packages
>      with old and new compat levels, especially if it's not just about
>      bumping the compat level.
>> And do we want to switch to the debhelper-compat module?
> No idea at the moment, I'd have to read up some more about that part. If
> that's the recommended way (according to debhelper developers) and if
> that's what people expect these days, sure.

OK. I'll stick to the current versions used in debian-installer and let it
up to the installer team to bump these versions in the partman-hfs


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