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Re: At what time of the install process a script is executed with 'preseed/run'?

> In the description text, to me at least, it is not clear at what stage
> this command is executed!!! :)
> Having played a bit more, I can confirm that this command is not
> executed at the end of the installation process.
> While I was looking to understand what was going on, I came across (1)
> and this is where Ubuntu differs from Debian:
> "on a web server. In this example, if the preseed file sets preseed/run
> to /scripts/late_command.sh then the file will be fetched from
> http://autoserver.example.com/d-i/focal/./scripts/late_command.sh.";
> I would love to see a rewording of the above text which would clearly
> state at what time the command is executed!!! :)
> I realy appreciate your help.

That starts with smiling to the "works for me".
Next step is documenting how to reproduce "how it fails for me"

Geert Stappers

1)  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/s390x/apbs02.html
Silence is hard to parse

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