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Re: No or wrong modules on netinst prevents install

"Carlos R. Pasqualini" <carlos@carlospasqualini.com.ar> writes:

> Again, I don't know if this is some kind of bug or issue to be
> resolved, just that I feel that it is not working right, as it is right
> now, and wanted to put it to the team's consideration.

The issue is that the image is tied to the version of the kernel that it
was built with, but the kernel & modules in the archive have
subsequently been updated, so when you try to install the version the
netboot is looking for has been removed.

This is not easy to fix because:

  a) only one version of a package can be present in the archive at a
     time, so the old versions of the modules cannot be left where they
     are for a grace period,

  b) debian-installer (actually the anna & net-retriever udebs) only
     supports downloading from a single repository, so one cannot
     currently configure an additional snapshot repository that could
     provide the matching modules to the netboot.

As it happens I've been using a patched version of d-i that enables
downloading from additional repos while creating test images that can
install unreleased udebs from salsa.debian.org -- those patches probably
need a bit of polishing before they could be part of a release but if
that feature were added then we could create a repo that contains the
matching modules when we create the daily images and configure that as
an additional source in the netboot images to make this problem go away.

I will endeavour to do something about this after the release.

Cheers, Phil.
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