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Re: Speed up installation: activate eatmydata-udeb by default and include eatmydata package in /pool

> 1. To speed up base system install (the first installation step),
> debootstrap should be improved to use libeatmydata for internal dpkg
> call. There's a patch for it, which adds '--include-early' option, but
> it haven't got attention from debootstrap developers:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=700633#50
> My debian-iso-fastinstall script crudely patches debootstrap script
> with sed — not a production-ready solution.

Sad to hear the patch has been ignored for several years.

> 2. d-i should run debootstrap as:
> eatmydata debootstrap --include-early=eatmydata ...

Can only be fixed after the patch in BTS #700633 is fixed.

> 3. d-i should call 'anna-install eatmydata-udeb' on the start of
> installation. I guess there's some kind of udeb list in the installer,
> eatmydata-udeb package should be added to it. 
> My debian-iso-fastinstall script includes this command as a preseed
> kernel configuration argument, which rewrites anything in a real preseed
> exec command, so not a production-ready as well.

This of course can be done immediately by the d-i team.  I suspect the
easiest way to do it is by modifying the package priority in the
archive, not by adding a 'anna-install' line in the code.  If so, the
priority might have to be set by the ftpmasters.  Not sure how the
interaction between the ftpmasters and the d-i team is regarding udeb
archive priorities, but assume the d-i team have the last say here.

> 4. ISO image should include eatmydata and libeatmydata packages in
> /pool directory. Right now only eatmydata-udeb is included.

This need to be done in the debian-cd package, so I created the patch in
<URL: https://bugs.debian.org/986772 > to try to make it happen.  This
will make sure the required debs are available on the first "CD" for
those that want to use eatmydata-udeb for tasksel, but not affect the
debootstrap part.  Luckiliy, the debootstrap part is often shorter than
the tasksel part of the installation.

So there are three groups of developers that need to move for all of
this to happen, the people maintaining debootstrap, separate set of
people maintaining debian-cd and the separate set of people maintaining
debian-installer.  While there is some overlap, given the time frame of
the request for quicker installations in Debian, it remains to be seen
if any of these see enabling eatmydata-udeb as a priority.

Happy Hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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