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Re: Speed up installation: activate eatmydata-udeb by default and include eatmydata package in /pool

As this proposal sounds like a very good idea, and since
it doesn't look to difficult to be done now, before the release of
Debian 11, the Debian-Boot team should do this.

What do we need to do to push this proposal to d-i for Debian 11?

1. To speed up base system install (the first installation step), debootstrap should be improved to use libeatmydata for internal dpkg call. There's a patch for it, which adds '--include-early' option, but it haven't got attention from debootstrap developers: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=700633#50
My debian-iso-fastinstall script crudely patches debootstrap script with sed — not a production-ready solution.

2. d-i should run debootstrap as:
eatmydata debootstrap --include-early=eatmydata ...

3. d-i should call 'anna-install eatmydata-udeb' on the start of installation. I guess there's some kind of udeb list in the installer, eatmydata-udeb package should be added to it.
My debian-iso-fastinstall script includes this command as a preseed kernel configuration argument, which rewrites anything in a real preseed exec command, so not a production-ready as well.

4. ISO image should include eatmydata and libeatmydata packages in /pool directory. Right now only eatmydata-udeb is included.

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