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Re: Issues regarding input methods for Bullseye

Am 8. März 2021 16:34:54 MEZ schrieb Shengjing Zhu <zhsj@debian.org>:
>I just looked at tasksel, but it seems it's not straightforward to
>1. install ibus for GNOME
>2. install other input method for DE except GNOME.
>Since it's seems hard to express all DE without GNOME, except
>enumerating them?

I guess it would go like this:

1. install the IM method prefered by language team
for all DE

2. install (additionally) ibus-* , if DE is Gnome.

That way we would have two IM systems installed
for Gnome, but im-config would take care of  that just
fine, since ibus is the preferred choice.

And for all other DEs we had that IM installed, what's
preferred by the language team.

Would that be reasonable?


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