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Re: [preseed] strings waiting to be made translatable


Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> I think this is a glitch in the l10n-sync script. Given that these
> strings are in sublevel 1 in the package's POT files AND in the master
> files, they are NOT automatically moved to SL2.
> My aadvice would be to :
> - manually drop them from the package's templates.pot file
> - run debconf-updatepo in the paackage (not mandatory, just helps
> checking that the proper comments go to the templates.pot file)
> - manually drop them from the sublevel 1 POT file

I did these steps now.
I had to also fix an encoding error, which was reported by the
debconf-updatepo run.

> - run l10n-sync script again
> --> then they should be moved to sublevel 2 POT file and PO files

I will trigger l10n-sync this evening.

Thanks. And i wish you all the best for your knee!


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